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Stop the Madness!: Williams-Sonoma's Five Most Ridiculous Holiday Bakeware Items

Many of us are getting creative this year by trying a new holiday recipe or baking a special treat for the season. But if you're a type-A, detail-oriented, holiday baker showoff, Williams-Sonoma has several ridiculous kitchen gadgets that may interest you.

The specialty cookware store near you has a snowy village, gingerbread house, gift packages, nine-car railway train, and a Star of David cake pan ready for you to bake, decorate, and  receive obligatory compliments from unimpressed family members. $215.95 will get you five pieces of bakeware to help you complete the weirdo holiday scene to sit atop your family dining table.

Snowy Village Cakelet Pan ($36)

"Nothing evokes the warmth of the holidays like snow-covered cottages decorated with winter greenery," says Williams-Sonoma.
But not everyone is totally juiced about this piece of holiday bakeware.

One user expresses concern in the reviews section:

"But seriously, when I read the directions that called for greasing and flouring the pan, I almost decided to take it back. What's the point of touting a superior nonstick finish if you still have to grease and flour?? I have arthritis and wedging my hand into the nooks and crannies to grease will not be an option. I'll try it with cooking spray w/flour but if it doesn't work it's going back."

Perhaps Arthritic from Hollister, California, has a point. Is flouring and greasing six teeny-tiny cakelet pans in the shape of cottages asking too much? YES!

Gingerbread House Bundt Cake Pan ($34)

From the scalloped roof shingles to the detailed windowpanes, this gingerbread house bundt pan will have you receiving accolades in no time (10-12 hours). If you change your mind about taking on the arduous craft, a ready-made, predecorated gingerbread house from Publix will set you back only $19.99.

Railway Cake Pan ($36)

Says Williams-Sonoma: "This is one train no one will want to miss! Our ingeniously

designed cake pan bakes a complete nine-car locomotive that's ready to

decorate and eat -- there's no limit to the details imaginative young

bakers can add."  Take note of their choice of verbiage: young bakers. This is because one begins decorating the choo-choo train

at a reasonable age, yet awakes from a dissociative state after 100-plus years have passed.

Gift Cakelet Pan ($36)
Give the impression that Santa favors your snowy village with beautiful gift-wrapped cakelets resting in the yard of your cottages. No one will make fun of you when you are not looking, promise.

Star of David Bundt Cake Pan ($34)

It's not just the gentiles experiencing OCD baking joy this season. God's chosen people can also join in in the fun by baking a bundt cake in the shape of the Star of David. Now, if only we could find a Myrrh glaze recipe to top the cake. 

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