Be still our beating hearts; Stork's has spread its wings and landed in Davie, just across the way from Nova University. The Barbie cakes are once again on display, proudly flaunting their confectionary finery and this time, instead of overlooking the register, they can be found (wait for it... wait for it) above and behind a case of decadent gelato selections! 

Stork's Rises Again... in Davie

Though we began our affair with the bakery/café/coffeehouse in its original Wilton Manors location, and sorta supported it when it went into the library for a brief stint, we really fell in love with Stork's monster gingersnap cookies, Snickerdoodle coffee, and Pilgrim wraps (you know, the ones with roasted

turkey, cornbread stuffing, and citrusy cranberry sauce), when it

opened a glorious location on the New River off Las Olas Boulevard a

few years ago.

Then it happened: a hurricane

hit, a sign claiming "remodeling" was posted on the door, and day after

day, month after month, not a single contractor was to be found. Loads

of sugar addicts began to mourn silently.

That is until three weeks ago, when Stork's opened up its new location. This one may not be as elegant as the one on Las Olas, and it may not have as pretty a view--or any view at all, for that matter--but it's got everything else we crave: and gelato to boot. Welcome back, Stork's. Now pour us a cup of java, stick a slice of Storkberry pie on our plates, and promise you'll never, ever leave us again. 

The new Stork's is located at 3325 S. University Drive in Davie. Call 954-473-4460 or visit storkscafe.com. 

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