Subculture Group Opening Shaker and Pie: Craft Cocktails and Gourmet Pizza

Restaurants and foods tend to come around in trends.

Remember when a new gourmet burger joint seemed to be opening its doors, like, every other day?

Pizza, on the other hand, is one of the least fashionable food items on the planet -- it's been around since the Roman days.

As stable as it is, bread with cheese and sauce has seen some updates over the years. What was once frozen dough slathered with plasticized cheese and processed toppings has now become the stuff of handcrafted and organic ingredients hand-tossed to perfection.

Subculture Group, owners of Kapow! Noodle Bar, the Dubliner, Tryst, and more, is opening a new high-end pizza joint with craft cocktails in Mizner Park.

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With an expected fall opening, the new concept will combine the vibrant Subculture bar scene with high-end pies and classic craft cocktails.

Partner Vaughan Dugan and Randy Romano were the founders of sustainable and organic business Pizza Fusion; Dugan, Romano, and partners Rodney Mayo and Scott Frielich want to bring that same ethos to the new, intimate sit-down concept, which is to serve as the big sister to the Pizza Fusion brand.

Although they do want to focus on green measures, the major focus will be on the food.

"We want to be on every best pizza list on the planet," says Frielich. "If we're not making the top pizza lists, we've failed."

Pizzas will be made in a wood-fired oven with many ingredients sourced from a community garden they are currently working on with Farmer Jay McCobb.

The team plans to offer other Italian gastropub-type entrées and snacks. Expect to see items like pastas, seafood, dry-aged rib eyes, and house-cured meats and pâtés.

As for the vibe, they're going for a sort of speakeasy theme, with reclaimed woods and a bustling bar scene.

Angela Dugan will be compiling a list of classic cocktails with a modern, funkier twist. Organic spirits, fruits, and garnishes will be incorporated as much as possible.

"We're thinking we want a chef throwing pizzas while bartenders are shaking cocktails," says Frielich. "It'll be an old-school feel with pizzas and cocktails all made in plain view behind the bar. We want a blend of casual comfort and sophistication."

Stay tuned for further details.

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