Sunrise Food Truck Discussion Moved To January Commission Meeting

Food trucks are considered by many to be a quick and fun way to feed a family. At local food truck roundups or in a park, food trucks serve up inexpensive fare to people in a hurry. Though they will never replace mom's home cooking or a luxurious anniversary meal, the food truck has its place in the south Florida dining scene....except, possibly, for Sunrise.

Since November, the City of Sunrise has been trying to get a discussion on the fate of food trucks on its Commission meeting agenda. 

The discussion, which was previously listed under "new business", would discuss whether food truck owners should have permitting, location and time restrictions imposed on them -- or whether the trucks should be banned from the city altogether.

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- Sunrise Mulls Food Truck Ban

So far Sunrise City Commissioners are divided on the matter.

Commissioner Commissioner Joey Scuotto, who owns a pizzeria in Sunrise,

is against the mobile munch units rolling in his city. Back in November,

Scuotto told The Sun-Sentinel, "Why would I want to allow a rolling

restaurant in

my city when we have restaurants here already that struggle every day?"

Commissioner Don Rosen is proposing that trucks be regulated by the city rather than banning them altogether.


food truck discussion was put on the December 11 City Commission

agenda, but the meeting was adjourned after two minutes. 

Although the agenda for the

January 8, 2013 City Commission meeting has not been published, the City

of Sunrise has confirmed that the food truck issue will likely be

discussed then. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at Sunrise City Hall (10770 West Oakland Park Boulevard).

Tania Ramirez, owner of Food Cart USA,

a company that builds and sells food trucks, is calling for food truck

owners and followers to attend this meeting in support of the trucks.

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