Burgers, beer-cheese, and brats? Yes, please.
Burgers, beer-cheese, and brats? Yes, please.

Super Bowl Burger Battle: The Green Bay Brat-Burger

​​If you thought beer cheese soup was going to get the job done, think again. 

That's right, Cheeseheads -- if you want to go head-to-head with the Pitts-Burger this Sunday, you'll have to bring something, well, meatier. Lucky for you, Green Bay has one more quintessential food group in its repertoire that fits the bill: brats!

Ah, yes... Brats. Beer. Cheese. Am I speaking your language yet?

That's right -- all of your favorite Green Bay eats are invited to this party. Pile them high between two slices of bread (or two halves of a giant kaiser roll, perhaps) to create a burger deserving of its own winning title. 

The Gourmet Way:

If you're in the mood to show off your skills in the kitchen, try this recipe for Green Bay Beer-Cheese Brat Burgers with Red Pepper Kraut. This baby's got everything your cheese-lovin' heart desires, all wrapped into one behemoth sandwich. Beer, cheese, brats, ground pork, and even crushed pretzels combine to form your own gourmet patty, which is then smothered with a spiced-up purchased sauerkraut. We think McCarthy would approve.

Two-Minute Drill:

If the idea of fussing over your own patties seems like too much work on game day, Johnsonville's got you covered. Head to your nearest Publix (most South Florida locations carry them, though you may want to call first to be sure) for their premade bratwurst patties. Grab a bag of 'kraut along with your favorite Wisconsin cheddar and you'll have plenty of time left to work on perfecting your victory celebration dance.

Pack it up, Pack it in:

Who says you can't have it all? Our last suggestion for winning the Super Bowl Burger Battle combines the best of both worlds: A straight-up beef patty is topped with whole, juicy brats. Anything goes on this meat-lover's paradise -- add as much beer-cheese, onions, and 'kraut as you can handle. You'll need to make plenty of room not only in your belly but in your party quarters: Lambeau Leaps will be in order.

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