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Support Food Truck Expansion: Visit the New Roundup at Cypress and Powerline Thursday

From BBQ to burritos, food trucks stand for a few things every foodie can appreciate: super-affordable, super-fresh and extra-innovative takes on some of America's favorite fare.

With that in mind, Charlie says you can never have too much of a good thing -- in this case, too many trucks to choose from. 

Or... can you? 

For food truck owners in the Miami-Dade area, too much of this good thing hasn't been good for business. Although it's great to see the food truck community expanding, a continually growing scene has made it increasingly competitive for both new (and even well-established) Miami-based trucks.

That's why Jose Unamuno, owner of Miami's Dog Eat Dog mobile kitchen, is moving onward -- and upward. Like Unamuno, many food truck owners are finding it worth their while to venture farther north. There's less congestion, fewer competitors -- and a plethora of potential patrons who have yet to taste some of Miami's finest.  

To get started on expanding territory, Unamuno has created a new event with a few of his in-the-biz buddies: the Cypress Creek Food Truck Roundup, a trial-run event scheduled to take place Thursday at Cypress Creek Boulevard and Powerline Road in Fort Lauderdale.

The event will also feature well-known Miami food trucks BC Taco (a gourmet taco truck), Che Grill (Argentine fusion on wheels), and Big Kahuna (a novelty shaved ice, frozen yogurt, and ice cream truck). 

The revolution is starting, so count yourself among the first to help support this tasty expansion and meet up for a few bites. The closer these trucks get to Palm Beach County, the better!

Date: Thursday, July 21
Time: 5 to 10 p.m.
Location: Cypress Creek and Powerline in Fort Lauderdale
Parking and entry: Free and on-site.

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