Surfer Blood Gives Local Restaurant Shoutouts

Yes, you're right to feel sickened at the sight of these words: Surfer Blood. No, seriously. Never in South Florida music history has so much press been heaped upon something so slight and marginal -- not to mention hopelessly overexposed.

And while the BJs continue from Pitchfork and Stereogum and your little brother's fanzine (tell him to knock it off, btw), the band gets to go to Europe and open for Interpol... while you're stuck in your cubicle with the plastic flowers. 

But this time the little darlings have given something back. Surfer Blood is now so famous, a few words of recommendation can significantly alter a restaurant's fate.

In an interview with eater.com's column, Sound Cheque, singer JP Pitts praised some area cookin' that's not from Momma. They're all restaurants in West Palm Beach. Check it out:
  • The lads loved the late latte shop Soma Center. Why'd it close? Bet if they'd known Surfer Blood were gonna shout it to the world, they would've stayed open!
  • The best Thai panang curry -- anywhere -- is also in West Palm, at The Spice. Look for their business to triple.
  • Don Ramon's Cuban food is now internationally famous for its ropa vieja and breaded steak.
  • A new vegan joint called The Darbster is lauded for serving "stuff that only two people in the world know how to make." They better find two more -- they're gonna go viral.

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