Taco Loquisimo at Oceanside Farmer's Market 'Crazy-Good'

Chef Anthony Sanders says that Taco Liquisimo, the taco stand he's just opened at the Oceanside Farmer's Market in Lake Worth, gives him the creativity and an outlet to be as outrageous as he wants on the weekends.

"I love it. I can express myself. I just grab ingredients and come up with something - I like cooking that way," he said.

For a chocolate theme at the market, he made mussels with a chocolate-beer nage. "The people loved it," he said - and it fit with the unexpected dishes he devises.

It's a far cry from his other gig as chef/consultant at Cafe Cellini in

Palm Beach's President Condominium. Diners there aren't the taco-stand

kind of crowd. "But I can do pretty much anything I want there, too. If a

guest requests something, I'll make it. Anything -- I love to cook for

people who appreciate it."

His background includes a stint as sous chef at 32 East in Delray Beach.

"We cooked with whatever was fresh in the market," he said. The menu

changed daily - which kept him interested, he said and always


He's from Appalachicola but graduated from Florida Culinary Institute in

West Palm Beach. He worked with Buckhead Life, a huge restaurant group

in Atlanta, and opened a new-Southern restaurant featuring soul

food-style small plates, Rare Soul Food Tapas. It's his dream to open

one like it elsewhere.

"It's my mission to educate people about soul food. They have a bad

impression of it as all fats, fried and sugary foods. My grandmother

cooked fresh vegetables every day and it wasn't all fatty but it was

totally flavorful," he said.

Meanwhile, it's Taco Loquisimo every Saturday with new recipes each

week. "It means craziest - but good crazy," Sanders said of the name.

"That's me."

Want one? Get there early - they sell out at a mere $3 each.

Taco Loquisimo
At the Oceanside Farmer's Market, Lake Worth
Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
(Northeast foot of the Lake Worth bridge on the Intracoastal)

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