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Tap 42 Hosts LauderAle Brewery Distribution Launch Party January 19

Soon you will be able to find LauderAle beers outside its brewery. Since its founding in 2013, LauderAle has been available only in the nanobrewery's taproom. After nearly three years of building a devoted following, it's finally ready to get into distribution and will celebrate the occasion with a launch party at Tap 42 on January 19. 

Co-owner Kyle Jones told New Times that he didn't go with a big distributor but rather a father-son Fort Lauderdale company by the name of Craft Connoisseurs. They distribute for at least eight brewing companies, including two from Florida.

LauderAle's distribution list includes its coconut porter, Double D IPA, Heisenberg witbier, La Nina blonde, and Monkey Road red American amber. 

"We're all grown up now, and the natural next step is to start doing a little distribution," Jones says, adding that the brewery has increased its production capacity from one to three barrels. 

So far, Tap 42 will be the only place to carry LauderAle beers, Jones says, adding that his beers probably won't go outside of Fort Lauderdale, at least for now. But who knows? Eventually, Jones hopes to see his beers in Laser Wolf and the Riverside Market and Cafe.  

Jones says he and business partner Joey Farrell have wanted to distribute for about a year and a half. But they're not necessarily doing it to expand their reach but rather to pull people back to the source.  

"We're not really distributing for the money," Jones says. "We're just trying to get people into the tasting room." 

Tap42 is located at 1411 S. Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-463-4900, or visit 

LauderAle is located at 3305 SE 14th Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-653-9711, or visit 

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