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Tasty 'Cakes

Approximately two decades after it hit New York City, the great cupcake baking trend appears to have finally made its way to Miami, the bottom of America's funnel. While the editorial staff at New Times are partial to the vegan creations of staff writer Tamara Lush (who modestly deflects credit to this site whenever we name her a culinary genius, crumbs spraying from our mouths) there are a couple of other local bakers you should know about.

The first is Sticky Fingers Cupcakes, recently started by chef Colleen Bell. She runs a home-based operation that produces seventeen different flavors of cupcakes with music-inspired names (my particular favorite is So Fresh and So Clean, a mint chocolate chip-flavored cupcake). You can order from her by sending her a My Space message or an e-mail. The logistics of cupcake trafficking are not unlike other, um, deals: You contact Colleen, place your order, and agree to meet somewhere for pick-up. She will deliver to you for a $5 fee. A dozen cupcakes are $30, but we promise you, each is an exquisitely designed, deliciously flavored little gift.

For a more ladylike and less D.I.Y. cupcake experience, there is Stella's Sweet Shoppe, which boasts of being "the indulgence of choice of the socialite set." Unsurprisingly, Stella's only come in one flavor: vanilla. But we hear that they are really, really good. Again, $30 for a dozen. --Emily Witt

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