Moments later, Uncle Ted had the beast in a headlock and doused in steak sauce.
Moments later, Uncle Ted had the beast in a headlock and doused in steak sauce.

Ted Nugent Performs Tuesday at Revolution Live: Cooking With the Nuge (Video)

Never mind his conspiracy theories or the fact that all of his shirts seem to tragically lose their sleeves before their time, did you know larger-than-life rock dude Ted Nugent can also cook? Well, probably, given that Uncle Ted has made no bones about his love of killing and grilling anything that moves. But when Clean Plate Charlie heard the Motor City Madman was coming to town Tuesday for a concert at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale (read more about it here), it gave cause to peruse the YouTube archives for evidence of the polarizing star's forays into the culinary arts.

Apart from penning a cookbook -- called, what else, Kill It & Grill It -- which includes recipes like venison marinade, the Nuge hasn't capitalized on his cooking skills as much as one would expect, given that he's not exactly "media shy." Sure, there was that string of reality shows in the mid-2000s where contestants had to do things like kill, clean, and cook wood-dwelling creatures. And there was his appearance on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in 2008, but apart from that, not a lot of foodie stuff in the archives. But what we did manage to find is amusing enough. Check out the videos below.

Here, Nugent appears on Late Night with Conan O'Brien for a cooking segment alongside an aggressively zany Dana Carvey and the late John Ritter (RIP, Jack). This clip, from 2003, just months before Ritter passed away, is exactly as weird as it sounds.

For a not-as-light-hearted version of Nuge-Nuge (Damn it; out of real nicknames already) check out Bourdain and the rock star talking smack about obesity. Or rather, people who are obese. Head's up; their's is not a sympathetic view.


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