Ethical Eating

TED Talk: "Changing the Way We Eat"

You've brushed up on your Michael Pollan, you signed on for Oprah's 
weeklong vegan challenge, what's next?

How about a TED Talk about the future of food? TED is an

acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TED Talks are short

educational seminars featuring leaders in various industries. They're reminiscent of James Lipton's Inside the Actor's Studio,

without all of the dryness. They're also broadcast online so the whole world can benefit from the shared knowledge.  

This Saturday, February 12, TEDxManhattan will air a live podcast of "Changing the Way We

Eat" from 10:30am - 6:00pm.

Industry leaders like Josh Viertel (President of Slow Food USA), Dan

Barber (Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Blue Hill Restaurants), and Michael

Niscan (Owner of the Dressing Room Restaurant) will be on hand to speak about

the current food crisis and the ways to make personal consumption changes in your


With the podcast, you can participate without ever having

to get out of your pajamas. So you can stop booking your ticket to New York as

we speak. Who wants to be in the snow anyways?

Viewers are

encouraged to host viewing parties to share the event with even more people. All of the viewing parties have been

rounded up on Alas, a

quick search for South Florida shows that two groups have been merely created with no further action. But keep checking!

A play

by play of the day's schedule and a link to the live stream can be found on the TED website

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Mandy Baca