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Ten Best Burgers in Broward County

Take a drive through western Texas and it'll be as clear as the never-ending expanse of sky: America is a country of beef eaters.

When it comes to a primal craving for meat, here in the U.S., it's all about the burgers. Our love of ground-meat-patty sandwiches stems from deep-seated childhood memories -- hey, it probably even reminds us of running around the playground of Mickey D's. There's just something visceral about holding that bun between your hands and biting into a succulent round of ground beef as the fat drips down your arm -- it's definitely not a meal to eat on a first date.

To honor the greatest dish to have ever been placed between two buns -- it is National Burger Month, after all -- we've scoured the 954 to find the ten best burgers in Broward County.

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Sara Ventiera