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Ten Best Chicken and Waffles in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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8. Swank Southern Kitchen

Although southern food has been around for centuries, it recently became the new "in" thing. Opened last year, this Davie spot offers trendy new takes on age-old recipes. The chicken and waffles ($16) is a perfect example of the fare at the place. Instead of the conventional fried whole chicken smothered in syrup, juicy (and crunchy) boneless chicken thighs sit atop airy waffle sections placed artistically on a chic wooden board. Homemade marshmallow sage sauce is drizzled across the plate for sweetness and house-made hot sauce is served on the side. The result is a combination that's sweet, savory, slightly earthy, and as spicy as you please.

7. Johnny V Restaurant

Chicken 'n waffles is kind of a middle ground, not quite dinner, not really breakfast. While's it's freaking amazing, it's a no man's land in terms of meal designations. This Las Olas spot gives it a unique first meal of the day twist. Every Sunday morning, the chefs at Johnny V's coats its chicken in a layer of Captain Crunch crust, throws it in the fryer, and sticks it on a classic waffle with some good ole maple syrup. To keep it on the healthy side, it's served with a side of melon and berries. Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day

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