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Ten Best Chicken and Waffles in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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6. Beauty & the Feast Bar|Kitchen

Some things should never change. And while we agree that chicken and waffles are great in pure form, sometimes it's nice to see a change of pace. This trendy beach-side eatery, set in the base of the boutique Atlantic Resort & Spa, offers its own creative take on the centuries-old plate. It starts with the base, the waffle is made sweet potato and laced with maple syrup. Crunchy chicken is place on top and the whole thing is then sprinkled with local Florida orange blossom honey.

5. Max's Harvest

Delray Beach certainly has no dearth of restaurants. Even so, this place is constantly a fan favorite. Maybe, it's the laid-back vibe. Maybe, it's the farm fresh fare. Or maybe, it's the yardbird and waffles ($16) that sets this place apart from the competition. Local, free-range chicken is fried in a buttermilk batter and served on a lofty honeycombed cake. In truly simplistic form, it's presented with just a side of maple-bacon butter. With high-quality ingredients, there's no need to go crazy.

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Sara Ventiera