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Ten Best French Restaurants in Palm Beach and Broward Counties

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So, if you're looking to get down on some delicious grub this Valentine's Day -- and a bit of French romance -- you should probably head over to one of South Florida's amorous French restaurants.

From casual bistros to haute elegance, here are the ten best French restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach County.

10. Sugar Reef

Like every other seafaring nation, the French spread their seed in tropical locations. (You know what we mean). This open-air Hollywood Beach restaurant is all about intermingling the influences with a menu of French-Caribbean delights. Steamed mussels ($14) are available in classic white wine or lightly spiced green curry and coconut; traditional roast duck foregoes the orange sauce and dives straight into a local mango salsa ($29.50). Hey, even the French are open to interpretation -- as long as it's damn near perfect.

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9. La Brochette Bistro

When it comes to South Florida dining destination one would probably think of Miami, Palm Beach, or Delray Beach -- certainly not Cooper City. However, since March of 1993, regulars from all over Broward County have been happily trekking to the western 'burbs for a taste chef/owner Aboud Kobaitri's French by way of the Middle East cuisine. The Lebanese started his culinary career in France before meeting his Floridian wife in Norway. Dishes like baked escargot ($10); filet mignon au poivre ($33); and pistachio and black pepper crusted snapper filet ($27) with key lime beurre blanc exemplify his use of classic technique and jet-setting way of life.

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