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Ten Best Irish Pubs & Restaurants in South Florida

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4. Slainte Irish Pub

This community-minded, Zagat-rated pub in Boynton Beach recently underwent a major overhaul with an upgrade to the interior and an expansion of the outdoor and lounge seating areas. Newly appointed executive chef Christopher Palmer's menu offers a loose, hipped-up interpretation of Irish pub classics like basil-pesto-infused "green eggs and ham" and an Irish "happy meal" complete with potatoes and a pint of Guinness. At 5,000 square feet, the made-over restaurant offers plenty of nooks and crannies to accommodate St. Patrick's Day partiers and the potent beverages -- like the fruity and alcohol-soaked "Celtic breeze" -- necessary to keep 'em feeling festive.

3. O'Shea's Irish Pub

O'Shea's on Clematis is a good, solid bet in a part of West Palm Beach where the tending-to-trendy choices may come and go with the tides. A neighborhood favorite since 1994, O'Shea's is Irish to the hilt with a space that's decked out in festive décor no matter the time of year. Two other things to know about O'Shea's: It's puppy-friendly, and it gives you the power to grab your own beer. Tuesday nights, the spot hosts a "yappy hour" with a free drink for anyone who brings a (well-behaved) pooch to the patio. Meanwhile, a Draft Master allows guests to pour their own priced-by-the-ounce Guinness or Harp. It's a good spot for that snobby friend who never stops bitching about how "no one knows how to pour a Guinness in this town" -- here's your chance, buddy!

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