Ten Best Places to Party in Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break

Ahhhh... Spring break -- That magical time of year when sex-thirsty collegiates throw caution to the wind and party like they're in a Rick Ross music video. For those planning to venture to the wonderful city of Fort Lauderdale, or those who are currently here, wondering why all the locals have been donning jackets, we've compiled a list of the ten best places to get one's drink on.

10. Exit 66

This nightclub offers a truly unique experience with five blue collar vogue rooms and 1960's-inspired décor. Check out one of their many events open to the public or book a private party of your own. Even more impressive than the inside is the outside where there's a beautiful pool complete with cabanas and a DJ. You can enjoy the hot Florida sun at their weekly pool parties every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm.

9. The Gallery at Beach Place

Beach Place provides three floors of fun right by Fort Lauderdale Beach. On the ground level, you can enjoy shopping at some unique stores and vendors. Stop by Fat Tuesday on the second floor for one of their delicious specialty frozen drinks. Across the catwalk is Lulu's Bait Shack where you can grab a tasty meal. They also showcase live bands every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Wednesday through Sunday you can enjoy dueling pianos at Soprano's Piano Bar on the third floor. If Beethoven is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a piano, fear not! You won't hear any classical music during this high-energy show, but old school favorites like the Beatles and AC/DC. Of course, if you're more of a traditional American who steers clear of places that are different... you can always stop by Hooters, also located on the third floor.


...Because you only live once. If you're as sick of that saying as I am, don't worry. YOLO is not as cheesy as that line. This extravagantly decorated restaurant boasts intimate indoor seating and an outdoor patio with a fire pit. Their decadent American cuisine and full bar selection helped make them one of Open Table Diners' Top 100 Hot Spot Restaurants in 2012. This place is great for people watching. On any given night you can witness old men hitting on young women and cougars that should probably retire their tube tops and leather pants. If you are a hardcore spring breaker, I wouldn't recommend staying here all night. It's kind of an uptight place, and I'm pretty sure people would pull out a cross and garlic if you started booty dancing in the middle of the restaurant. Show up for dinner and a drink, then get on with your night. And be sure to check out the sweet Maserati's and Ferrari's that are parked out front.

7. Village Pub

Who doesn't like a good gay bar? If you're female, you get the pleasure of being crammed into one room with an abundance of testosterone. If you're a gay guy... same opportunity. Sounds like a great time to me! Village Pub is a good place to relax and have a few beers. It's nestled in the heart of Wilton Manors-a town known for its gay nightlife. They have great drink specials on any given night and live shows as well. They also serve all their mixed drinks with a generous amount of liquor. The gays sure do know how to run a bar!

6. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Just south of Fort Lauderdale lays a playground for adults. A mini Vegas. The second you step onto the property, you're transported to another world. There are several different clubs, bars and restaurants, as well as an improv comedy club, and, you guessed it, a casino. There's something for everyone. I would recommend trying out Passion Nightclub. They are always packed and their bottle service provides for an amazing night. However, if you're not quite at baller status, a more economical option would be to head across the way to Murphy's Law. There are cheap drinks, outdoor seating, and live bands. Another favorite is the Improv Comedy Club. Laugh until your stomach hurts with some of the best comedians around. Whichever spot you choose, just remember, "What happens at the Hard Rock DOESN'T always stay at the Hard Rock". If you're planning to misbehave, be discreet. There are always photographers snapping photos for promotional nightlife websites.

5. Cycle Party

Walking around hammered, especially if you're a girl in stiletto heels, is never a good time. Well, Fort Lauderdale has the solution to that! It's called Cycle Party-a fifteen-seat bar on wheels. Grab fifteen of your closest friends; book the bike for a minimum of two hours and cycle all over Fort Lauderdale, making stops at different bars along the way. If you don't have fifteen friends (so sad), it's not a problem. You can still book the bike for as little as six people and the price will be the same. Even better news-you can receive drink specials and discounts at participating bars you visit. If you've never been to Fort Lauderdale before, this is the perfect way to combine sightseeing and drinking, without any of the actual walking.

4. America's Backyard

With a bar that looks like a swimming pool and a DJ booth that looks like a barbeque grill, this place makes you feel like you are literally in a backyard. America's Backyard is the perfect place to go if you're looking for a wild night out in a laid back environment. They always have great drink specials and music that will keep you dancing all night. Saturday night is the best night to go, but not until after midnight. That's when the party really gets started. Like hula hoops? They have them for you to use. Like wet t-shirt contests? Well... they don't actually have wet t-shirt contests, but they do have an overhead sprinkler system that gets people on the dance floor wet. Partying at this place guarantees a unique experience. There is no other bar in Fort Lauderdale like it.

3. McSorley's Beach Pub

Located just steps from Fort Lauderdale Beach is a local favorite. They host fun events, such as movie nights shown on their big projector on the upper deck and karaoke night. Hang out in the game room where you can shoot a round of pool and darts or play some beer pong. They also provide a "party van" that can pick you up and drop you off. It runs between McSorley's and Scout Sports Bar & Grill six miles away in Oakland Park every Friday and Saturday night. You can also rent the van for special events, such as birthdays and bachelorette parties. The locals love this place because of the laid-back atmosphere and proximity to the beach. And who wouldn't love a bar that provides a car service?

2. Blondies

It's dirty. It's seedy. It kind of reminds you of that show, Jersey Shore. However, it's the perfect place for spring break. There doesn't seem to be a dress code as most people walk around half naked after spending the day outside in the sun. The patio at the front of the bar gives you a perfect view of the beach... and the people coming and going. Bring your sunglasses so you can discreetly ogle all the hotties walking by (perv). If you prefer to stay busy while you're drinking, head inside for a round of pool.

1. Elbo Room

This place is number one for many reasons. Not only has it been around since the 1930's, it's one of those places where "everyone knows your name". Like Cheers. The locals have been coming here for decades. It's the perfect place to sit back and relax after a long day at the beach. Elbo Room is perfectly situated by Fort Lauderdale Beach and offers its visitors a wide selection of inexpensive drinks. During the day, it's a great spot for cooling off with an ice cold beer. At night, it's transformed into a quasi-nightclub with a DJ that plays some great beats and keeps up the energy level well into the early morning hours.

--By Liz Zimmerli

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