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Ten Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner in Broward County

UPDATE: Unless you own a time machine we assume you will be happier with our current list of Broward Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner 2015 and Palm Beach County Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner 2015.

Preparing the Thanksgiving dinner is one of the great, ongoing American traditions. As enjoyable as it may be, throwing a Thanksgiving dinner can be a major pain if you're not the domestic type. It takes days of planning, costs tons of money, creates a major mess, and can contribute to ample amounts of stress.

When you think about it that way, who needs it?

Maybe you love cooking dinner but your arm is broken or your oven isn't working. Maybe the kids are away and it's just two of you this year and doing dinner at home bums you out. There are a lot of reasons to dine out on T-Day, and that's why some restaurants choose to stay open.

No matter the reason, if you're looking to avoid the emotional trauma, dishes, chaos, and confusion, handing over the cooking and cleaning reins is probably in your best interest.

That being said, if you don't want to end up at Denny's on our national day of giving thanks, you should probably plan ahead. Most restaurants won't be open at all, and those that are will fill up quickly.

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Sara Ventiera