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Ten Best Sandwiches in Broward County

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8. The Superstuffed Sloppy Joe at Pomperdale Deli

In New York City, every neighborhood has its own corner deli; it's the type of place where you can find all your favorites, like pastrami on rye, tender corned beef, fresh-baked turkey, or lox. In South Florida, to find a truly transcendent deli, you have to know where to look. So look no further than Pomperdale, a place that will gladly slap a slab of Swiss on top of your house-cured pastrami, but that also excels in the more esoteric selections of Jewish culinary tradition: the sublime knish, the curative chicken soup, and the enigmatic kugel. Their smoked fish selection swims with the stuff bubbeh adores, nova and lox, whitefish, and even pickled herring. New owner and self-described "deli guy" Larry Bruskin has helped keep the Pomperdale Deli tradition strong, with original recipes -- and few new ones of his own. Really, though, the slogan says it all: This is home to the overstuffed sandwich. Like the "Superstuffed Sloppy Joe," a towering pile of meat on rye with a heaping portion of Sloppy Joe to finish it off.

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7. The Shawarma Baguette at Sunrise Pita & Grill

Founded in 1998 by owner Abraham Sharabi, an Israeli-born chef, this Middle Eastern and Mediterranean deli masterfully creates some of the most authentic kebabs, falafel, and shawarma in town. The menu offers something for everyone, from the carnivores and meat-lovers, to the vegetarians and vegans. Its take on Middle Eastern street food comes with an Israeli perspective (the owners are Orthodox Jews) and most of its customers follow the same age-old doctrines. But even if you don't keep Kosher, don't let that hold you back. Much of the food is vegetarian, but the meat is still plentiful with turkey shawarma, beef shish kebab, and chicken breast, to name a few. Your sandwich is just a few choices away. Simply choose your filling, the bread -- fresh pita, a long baguette, or pillowy lafa rolled up like a burrito -- and any of the half-dozen fillings. Get yours with a bit of everything, including the cucumber salad, tomato and onion side, pickled cabbage, eggplant mixed with coriander, or the parsley-flecked tahini sauce.

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