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Ten Best South Florida Craft Beers

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8. Big Rod Ale from Miami Brewing Company

Now, let's travel down south and sample some of the tropics with Miami Brewing Company's Big Rod Ale. No, it doesn't taste fishy at all (though tap handles are big fishing rods), this is the brewery's popular coconut blond ale. This beer is like a pina colada rushing in, with hints of vanilla bean that's followed by an effervescent mouthfeel and a light malt backbone. The finish is crisp but still flavorful with a bit of coconut. At 5.4 percent abv and low IBUs of 16.5, it's a drinkable if highly coconut-y session beer. We love it for its Floridacentric appeal -- and it tastes good.

7. Hoppy Berliner Weisse from Funky Buddha Brewery

There's a trend of sour beers as of late, with the almost-unheard-of Berliner weisse style making a huge comeback in the craft beer world. A cloudy, sour, low-alcohol beer that was popular in Germany has made inroads into the minds of American brewers, and Funky Buddha Brewery is no exception. The Boca Raton and Oakland Park brewers have been experimenting with a delicious example of the neo-Berliner for quite some time, racking up impressive fruit-oriented beers for each batch that is brewed. Seemingly using whatever is fresh and on hand, the team puts together beers with pineapple, Key lime, starfruit, raspberry, or passionfruit. The Hoppy Berliner Weisse is one of the most approachable sour beers found in the area. It has a cloudy yellow color and slightly sweet and tart aroma, which gives way to a grainy and lemonade refreshing taste. At 5 percent abv, it's higher than a traditional Berliner, but that's no matter here; this is a great beer to get accustomed to the sometimes daunting arena of sours. If it's not available, try any of the fruit-based weisse beers -- it's a must-drink.

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