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Ten Best South Florida Craft Beers

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2. Psycho Phish from the Mack House

We're going for some interesting beers now, especially with the Mack House's Psycho Phish, its blend of Holy Mackerel Brewing's Panic Attack and Special Golden Ale, infused with Florida navel oranges. "But surely," you protest, "this is a blend of beers like a black and tan!" Not quite. The Mack House is the nanobrewery for Holy Mackerel, meaning that it's as close to a mini-mad-scientist lab as you can get. Taking the flagship brands and placing them into secondary for the infusion of the oranges is just another step in the brewing process. Since the base beers are quite the kickers, this beer comes in at 9 percent abv and holds tons of flavor. The richness from the fresh oranges makes itself known in a juice-like fashion that melds perfectly with the rich almost cloyingly sweet malt base and yeasty characters of both the Panic Attack and Special Golden. It's a must-drink.

1. Maple Bacon Coffee Porter from Funky Buddha Brewery

The final beer of the night is the trickiest, since it's a special release that may or may not be available at any time. If the picture didn't give it away, we're talking about Funky Buddha's Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, an insane offering from brewmaster Ryan Sentz. This is the beer that put Funky Buddha on the beer world's radar, and it consistently pulls it off to much success, unlike some other brewery's pink-bottled production. The recipe has changed a bit over time, going from 6.3 percent abv to around 10 percent, with an increase in body from the previous incarnations. A nose of sweet syrup begins the journey. Then, a brash, almost-cloying sweetness at first drink relaxes into the greasy Irish bacon meatiness of the middle and finally calms down into coffee and mild cigar notes. On-the-spot mouthfeel. Superb.

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