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Ten Deals on Tax Day for $10.99 (or Less)

Welcome to Tax Day, the last possible moment to delay paying financial obligations to the IRS. Needless to say for most of us, after-work activities will not involve shopping or splurging on a tasting menu. I'm really cranky about it this morning.

If you too owe Uncle Sam more than a paycheck, we're here to help ease the burden. Rather than resigning yourself to a Spartan existence of Cup o Noodle, we have assembled a few evening's meals for less than $10.99.

10. Alegria Tacos
Fat and

savory meat with a little bit of heat joins tomatoes, cilantro,

and lime in the chorizo tacos ($2.50). Served with salsa fresca and hot sauce,

they're satiating on their own. Ask for avocado and the extra-hot sauce

for more layered flavors.

9. Southport Raw Bar
Tuesday night's dinner special is Thai chicken skewers over rice ($6.95) or a jumbo dog ($4). With prices like that, there's money left over for a beer or so to begin the drowning of sorrows. The view is free.

8. Charm City Burgers
The Good Ole Burger with cheese and a day's worth of nutrients in condiments is $5.25 every day.

7. Lester's Diner
Go for the eggs Benedict ($7.89) and the bottomless cup of coffee at this 24-hour diner that's been serving fellow insomniacs since 1968.

6. Georgia Pig
Just about anything at this homey dive is less than $10.99, though we're partial to fried chicken Fridays, during which $8 buys light and dark meat, rice and gravy, and a choice of black-eyed peas, potato salad, or coleslaw.

5. Tom Jenkins' BBQ
Skip the drink and go for the dinner, for which $10.29 buys the ribs-and-chicken combo, with corn bread and a choice of two sides: slaw, beans, mac and cheese, fries, corn, or collards.

4. Primanti Brothers
Gorge on drunk food with a view of the beach. Just about everything on the menu is less than $10.99, but a slice for $2.40 leaves more money for booze.

3. The Naked Grape
Keep things civilized at the 4 to 7 p.m. happy hour, during which house varietals are $5 and bites are a buck, from meatballs and miniquiches to olives and deviled eggs.

2. Empire Pizza Cafe
Go for the football-sized sandwiches that get the job done. Here, a 12-inch parm at the Fort Lauderdale shop clocks in at $8.50.

1. Bravo! Gourmet Sandwiches
Beautiful, homemade rolls; roasted meats; bright, house-made condiments; and fresh herbs and veggies make these the best deal of this deck. Try the Cubano with pork, ham, and Swiss, layered with pickles, mustard, and mayo for less than $8. For that matter, all of these delicious sandwiches are so cheap.

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