Ten Delicious Halloween Costumes for Your Pup

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If there is one thing Americans love more than their food, it's their dogs. And it there is something we love even more than our four-legged friends, it's dressing them up in ridiculous get-ups. Which is why we thought it would be particularly fitting to make a list this Halloween of the ten best food costumes to put your pooches in as you convince your neighbors you're not too old to trick-or-treat.

If girls can use the holiday as an excuse to dress in their skimpiest zombie costume, you surely can use the occasion to dress up your pup in your favorite food --it'll be instagram gold. And you know what they say, you're not a real foodie until you drop the names of two award-winning chefs, rave about truffle fries, and dress your pup as something edible this Halloween.

10. Tootsie Roll Dog

Your dog is sweet, and your dog's costume is even sweeter. Ring doorbells while you trick-or-treat and simply point to your pooch to show them what you want. Be prepared for corny cavity jokes.

9. Banana Dog

This is one banana that won't spoil if leave it in the sun for too long. Although your pup will probably start to get thirsty, be sure to bring a portable water bowl on your trick-or-treating endeavors. Maybe pack a few bananas in your bag too -- we hear they're high in potassium! Keep an eye that your pup doesn't get stuck underfoot, this is one time stepping on a banana peel will be equally unfortunate for the fruit.

8. Lobster Dog

These red crustaceans are a hot commodity. Be sure to keep your pooch away from all seafood restaurants and tubs of butter. Extra points if you dress up as a chef and stick little Baxter inside a pot.

7. Banana Split Sundae Dog

Forget Napolean Complex, Fido will have a Neopolitan Complex after an evening trick-or-treating in this costume. But with a get-up as cute as this, it'll be worth the doggy therapy. Snaps if your dog actually keeps that gaudy hat on its head, and those camel-like humps of tri-colored ice cream wrapped around its back. (Spoon not included).

6. Taco Dog

Chihuahuas were brought on this planet for one thing and one thing only: to be dressed up as tacos. Taco Bell capitalized on the infinitely adorable Chihuahua-taco correlation for years, and now it's your turn. Whether it's winning pet Halloween costume contests, or having scantily-clad girls dressed as "Sexy Insert Noun" dote on your little guy as you take him around the block trick-or-treating, you can't go wrong dressing your Chihuahua up as a hard shell taco.

5. Hot Dog Squared

No one knows or wants to know what hot dogs are made of. Stick your pup in a hot dog costume, and it'll be the first time anyone can confidently identify what kind of meat is inside. Note: you don't have to have to be a dachshund to pull this look off.

4. Milkbone Treat Dog

While all the other dog masters are dressing up their pets in costumes they can't even eat, you're being pooch-appropriate and decking Rex out in his favorite treat of all-time: a Milkbone. Just don't let the other dogs gnaw on him. Be sure to leave some of these treats out for your four-legged friend while you're trick-or-treating or else he'll leave some tricks for you smack dab on your Persian carpet.

3. Spaghetti and Meatballs Dog

If your dog is looking for a soul mate, dress him or her up as Spaghetti and Meatballs. Any self-respecting dog owner has romanticized Lady and the Tramp, and your pup and theirs will be flirtatiously slurping up the same strand of red yarn spaghetti in no time.

2. Beer Dog

They say dog is man's best friend. The same can also arguably be said about a cheap can of beer. Granted Old Milwaukee is no Cigar City or Magic Hat, but who can afford those snooty barley brews anyways? A can of Old Milwaukee is a drink you can always count on to get you drunk for less than a fiver, and it's fitting to dress your pup up as a can to show your appreciation. Dog bless America!

1. Bacon Dog

This is one bacon strip that won't clog your arteries. A controversial choice among your kosher and vegetarian friends, you can assure them that no piglets were hurt in this costume's making. Granted you'll have to share the limelight with your doggie Hamlet, so try dressing up as fried eggs and go all out with the breakfast theme. Oh, and make sure your pup's cool with random bystanders coming up and drooling all over his sizzling get-up.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.