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Ten Food-Inspired Album Covers to Make You Hungry

The Peter Bjorn and John post last week got me thinking about the mini renaissance of records and how many album covers I've seen, both classic and new, that glorify food and restaurants.

Jazz and soul album covers nod to comfort food in late 60's and 70's, yet the reference threads far and wide. Without further delay, here's today's list of food-related covers to stir up an appetite:

10. Jimmy Smith. Home Cookin'. 1959

Hammond master's album that's been reissued three times --most recently

in 2005-- is a collection of three live sessions from the late 1950's.

The album is one of several of Smith's food-themed covers.

9. Lee Morgan. Cornbread. 1965
Rustic bread from someone's southern roots --not his-- having grown up in Philly with a move to New York later in life.​
​8. Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. The Pizza Tapes. 1993
An acoustic bluegrassy set named The Pizza Tapes after a delivery boy stole Garcia's copy and passed it over to a New York radio station.

​7. Brother Jack McDuff. Down Home Cookin'. 1969
A late night funky jam session from another Hammond master, whose album cover glorifies someone's soul food special.

6. Goodie Mob. Soul Food. 1995
Pre-dinner grace on the cover of this debut album includes Cee-Lo Green and put Dirty South on the map.

5. Arlo Guthrie. Alice's Restaurant.1967
An anti war song that references a restaurant owner in Great Barrington, Massachusetts who held Thanksgiving in the song. 

4. Booker T and the MG's. Green Onions. 1962
"It's the nastiest thing I can think of and it's something you throw away," Booker T apparently said of green onions.

3. Velvet Underground & Nico. Andy Warhol. 1967
The first album marked by Andy Warhol's tenure as band's manager, it was a commercial flop upon its release.

2. Parliament Funkadelic. Chocolate City. 1975
P-Funk's moniker for Washington, DC recently inspired the name of a craft beer. 

1. Rolling Stones. Let It Bleed. 1969
The follow up to Beggars Banquet and one of the band's most praised albums, the cover of which features a delicious looking vinyl layer cake.

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