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Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, kiddies. Are you ready? There's a lot to prep for, from getting that Big Bird defrosted to queuing up your side dishes. Not to mention making sure you're caught up enough at work to take two weekdays off (ack!).

If you're still undecided on any of it, here's a little roundup of cool and unusual recipes fluttering around the ol' internets:

How about some humor to start us off? This sweet potato turkey bowl

is from Food Network "chef" Sandra Lee. It has frozen pepper strips,

garam masala, and lemon-herb seasoning. That's revolting. Even the

picture looks like industrial-grade Spackle. Whatever you do, don't

make this.

If you've picked up the recent issue of Food & Wine, you may have seen this piece on ten easy Thanksgiving sides that will inject a little creativity into your holiday table.

Turkey can be a bitch to make, which is why this list of turkey prep tips

can help you build a better bird. Things like standard cooking and

thawing time may come in handy if, like me, you plan to sleep in on


Epicurious has a whole Thanksgiving home base with recipes and tips galore, including everything from cooking for a big family to Thanksgiving on a budget. 

Egullet forums can be pretty fun, and this thread on fried turkey delivers.

There are more than five pages of discussion on how to best fry a bird from

people who live and breathe it. You'll find all sort of tips and info,

including the wrong way to do it in two parts.

You gotta have dessert, right? Well, the New York Times details a half-dozen cakes, pies, and delicious baked goods that will make your post-meal snooze even longer. 

Finally, what to do with leftovers? Open-faced sandwich, turkey salad, ya, ya, ya. How about tomatillo turkey chili? Now that sounds good.

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