Thanksgiving: What Should I Bring?

Today's Thanksgiving post is inspired by this flow chart over on, which directs according to these questions: "Are you a responsible adult?" and "Is Thanksgiving going to be a bomb-cratered war zone?" As much as I'd entertain myself by bringing potato buds to the house where I'll end up, here are some suggestions for more thoughtful host gifts when you're the guest.

A sixer from Riverside Market

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, Starr Hill's Boxcar Porter Pumpkin, or Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout are among the suggestions for after dinner brews and substitution dessert. If you're really thoughtful, you can pull a mixed six from the host's home state.

La Tur from Cheese Culture
For the crowd pleaser, bring this super rich, buttery pasteurized goat, sheep, and cow cheese from the Piedmonte region of Italy. If you're trying to please a foodie, detour for earthy, bandage-wrapped cheddar that ends up the texture of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Key lime pie from Bob Roth's New River Groves
Get here by Tuesday afternoon, latest, for the full selection of pies (see here). A spokesperson (aka Bob Roth's daughter) said the banana cream, oreo, and coconut cream pies sell out first, followed by peach, cherry, and blueberry. What about the signature key lime pie? "Oh, we'll never sell out of those. We make key lime until someone drops dead."

Trenel Beaujolais '09 from Wine Watch
Screw the Nouveau swill and go for this beauty from 2009, touted as one of the banner years in the history of Beaujolais, says Andy Lampasone, owner of the shop. And it's only $23.50.

Peppadews from
The Boys Farmers Market
For the foodie Thanksgiving, these little sweet peppers still inspire love. Bring some to your host to stuff with ricotta or mascarpone, with lemon zest and basil, use them as a cocktail garnish, with Food 52's chicken under a brick, or roast them for a red pepper tepanade.

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