The 2013 Great American Beer Bars List - Hop The Vote!

Do you like craft beer? How about your local craft beer bar? If you're reading this right now, I hope you answered "yes" to both of these questions (or, frankly, I question your sanity).

Why are we even asking such obvious questions? Because the Brewer's Association, through their website CraftBeer.com, is looking for beer lovers to vote for their favorite place to imbibe craftily-made beer.

Voting is broken up into two major sections: an overall, nation-wide tally to find the top three bars in the country, and a regionally oriented top three ranking. Last year, Florida did not make it into the top three for the nation... or the region.

Let's change that.

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Being part of the South, we're in competition with a wide swath of the country: from the plains of Texas and Shiner country, to four time Beer City USA (from 2009 to 2012) Asheville, North Carolina. That's some hefty competition. 2012 saw downtown Asheville's The Thirsty Monk come out at third best in the nation, alongside the best in the South.

I think we have a chance to push some numbers towards the Brewer's Association and show that South Florida isn't all Coronas and fisticuffing bouncers. After all, with the influx of great breweries like Funky Buddha and Due South to the area, along with beer-focused bars like Laser Wolf, American Social, and World of Beer, the craft beer scene has changed in ways that give Portlanders flashbacks to the early 90's scene in the Pacific Northwest.

The first thing that has to be done is VOTE! The second thing to do is 'tell your friends'. Share, like, tweet, Instagram, Vine -- whatever it takes to get your favorite drinking spot on the list and a plethora of votes. More than 3,300 bars were nominated in 2012, and they racked up an impressive 30,000 votes between them.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.