The Best Cupcake-Themed Haikus (Winners of Tickets to Las Olas Wine & Food Festival and New Times Cupcake Battle)

Thanks to all the readers who expressed their adulation for frosting and cake by composing cupcake-themed haikus in to win tickets to Friday's Las Olas Wine and Food Festival and the New Times Cupcake Battle.

There were some amazing entries, and you kept us laughing all day. We were particularly impressed by those of you who battled with each other in verse.

Many of the entries were clever -- like this:

Sugar frosted cake
Your taste stays with me always
Mmm, diabetes

or this:

one frosted cupcake
is not enough. I must go
to cupcake battle! 

But authors of those haikus should come back to Clean Plate Charlie for future giveaways, because this week, they are only runners-up. Congratulations goes to...

Vanessa Cambrelen, who wrote:

Why so delicious
Tiny cake in miniskirt
Let me ravage you

AND whose haiku was "liked" the most.

The second winner of a pair of tickets goes to Bad lil Bunnie Leah for a haiku that balanced beautiful prose with PG-13 humor!

Here is a sample of her work:

Dirty Little Cake

You're Begging for a Licking

I'm Gonna EAT YOU

CPC was also impressed with Bad lil Bunnie's ability to defend herself against Baz via haiku.

Baz, we thought about awarding the tickets to you for a moment, but the risk of you flashing genitalia to the nice people at the LOWFF seemed too great, as you wrote:

do you think its weird

that when im eating cupcakes

i play with my balls?

Winners: Be sure to look out for an email with more information about your tickets.

Everyone else: See here if you'd like to read more of the entries.

Thanks again for participating in the contest, and CPC hopes you come out and enjoy the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival and Cupcake Battle. To get more information or buy tickets, go here. Keep reading Clean Plate Charlie for more chances to win tickets to upcoming foodie events!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.