Have a cheese platter with a glass of wine at the Cheese Course.
Have a cheese platter with a glass of wine at the Cheese Course.

The Cheese Course Opens in Plantation

According to NPR, the average American downs about 31 pounds of cheese annually. We say if you're going to eat that much cheese - eat the good stuff and stay away from the Velveeta.

The Cheese Course is an excellent place to procure good cheese and they've made it easier than ever with the recent opening of their seventh south Florida location in Plantation (801 S. University Drive).

In case you've been hanging out on the moon (which, by the way, was once believed to be made of cheese) let's give you a little Cheese Course primer.

When you walk into the store, expect to be greeted by a friendly cheese monger. Feel free to allow them to assist you (they'll start by asking what cheese you've had and what you like and don't like).

If you're in a hurry, or know what you already like, you'll find the

store divided into six helpful sections (fresh, bloomy rind, washed

rind, blue cheese, semi-hard, and hard). Each section's cheese is

clearly marked with origin and price. Buy some cheese to take home,

along with a selection of wines, breads, and condiments.

The Cheese Course also offers a good selection of dine in specialties

like artisinal cheese plates and sandwiches. Wines by the glass and beer

are also offered.

Not cheesy enough for you? Then take a cheese class or attend a cheese

tasting at the shop. Classes include wine and beer pairings, cheese and

summer wine tastings, and a "meet the cheesemaker" class. A complete

schedule is coming soon.

For now, get to know your cheese at one of two complimentary tastings,

hosted by Vermont Butter and Creamery, on July 18 and July 25 from 7 - 9



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