The Chew's Michael Symon Responds to Anthony Bourdain

In an interview with Mercury News, Anthony Bourdain was asked what he thought about The Chew, the ABC foodcentric daytime talk show.

Bourdain said, "(Heavy sigh) I'm really shaken. Honestly, I don't know what to believe anymore.

Mario Batali is a better chef than I am, a better businessman. And Michael

Symon! I can't tell you how much I like and respect those guys. They're the

smartest, funniest, best since Julia Child. They had to know what they were

getting into. I'm not trying to be funny or snarky -- I'm really shaken. I feel

like I've left the mountains, and found all my comrades had joined the Interior

Ministry. The whole world has tilted in a way I don't understand. I feel like

I'm a million years old and very naive. I just don't know who the fool is. I

suspect it's me."

Thing of it is, Bourdain was just telling the truth this time around - no rabble rousing..no feather puffing...just straight up honest confusion as to why two of America's best chefs would want to take on daytime television.

As if reading our minds, Michael Symon replied to Tony on The Chew. Starting with, "Speaking of Prosciutto...", Symon says, A ham friend of ours, Anthony Bourdain took a swing at us." 

Symon then goes on to say that he's on The Chew because he simply wants to cook delicious food for America...Batali, however, chose to remain mute (wise choice). Here's the response:

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