The Coolest Online Food Videos You've Never Seen

Vlogging's cool and YouTube has made anyone with camera skills and spare time famous online, if only for 15 minutes. Sometimes, these viral videos are amazing, but sometimes they just suck. 

At Clean Plate Charlie, we know everything there is to know about being cool and have sat through endless viral videos to bring you the coolest online food videos that you've probably never seen. We're not promising that you'll learn anything, but we can assure that they're mighty good fun. 

Foodies - "I like McNuggets with BBQ Sauce and I watch football, the American kind, and in a non-ironic way." That's one of the more memorable quotes from the 3-part online mini-series that pokes fun at everything and we mean EVERYTHING that you hate about self-proclaimed foodie snobs. Coming in at 5 minutes an episode, it's the epitome of the afternoon pick-me-up. 

Cooking with Charlie

- No, not Charlie Sheen. He's sooo last month. Meet Charlie McDonnell, definitely WINNING! He's not a newcomer to the viral world, but this is his first food-related post. Here's to hoping there's more food posts. 

Jordana Brewster's Hot Dog Water on Funny or Die - It's Jordana Brewster with hot dogs. She's HOT, what more do you need? Plus, it's on the slapstick website, Funny or Die, so it's bound to be at least 50% funny. Anyway, give her a break -- she needs to cash in on this 15 minutes of fame.  What was the last movie she was in? 

Wine Library TV - His name is Gary Vaynerchuck. Yes, he's got a weird name, but he's the ultimate go-to guy for wine! He's tried everything and paired it with anything, and he just celebrated his 1000th video post. And at 2 minutes per video, it'll hold even the attention of the most ADD of the bunch. It doesn't hurt that he's funny, too.


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