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The Cubby Hole Monday and Wednesday Nights: No Pants, No Problem

The only distinguishing element outside the bar is the square sign that sits above the parking lot on the side of US1: the Cubby Hole with a big bear paw. My partner in crime was waiting for me in the lot. From all outward appearances, it was no different than any other dive bar. But what does one do at a no pants night? We were about to find out.

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We enter through the back door (no pun intended) into a hallway that looks just the same as any other dive bar: dark, smoke wafting through the air, Christmas lights, wood-lined walls. As we approach the bar, it is quite obvious, we are the only women in here. No surprise there.

Within seconds a voice calls out, "Heeey girls! Welcome," arms outstretched a random regular gives us both a kiss on the cheek and a hug, "Looking good tonight. You can wear your underwear, too. This is a gay bar, but there are some straight here boys too." For a couple of minutes we chat and laugh with our new best friend, before ordering a drink, and grabbing a seat at the high bar table a step away from the crowded bar. 

We sit down, taking in the view: between 30 to 40 men either with or without trousers. For the most part, this no pants night is just like any other evening at a dive bar: some older men hanging off to the sides taking it all in, some younger men chatting and crowding around the bar, couples or small groups of friends conversing amongst themselves. Only difference: the lack of pants. Tighty-whities, boxers, briefs, and even a white lacey pair are casually walking around. Some patrons have shirts. Some do not. Some are wearing socks and sneakers. Others in casual flip-flops.

After a couple of minutes, my friend and I get to chatting away. We start going into semi-serious conversation when something behind my should grabs her attention. "Holy shit. That thing is huge!" I turn around to see the scene on the tv--a massive cock. A couple of guys to our right giggle as we stare at the porn on TV. We quickly go back to normal conversation, though we admit we occasionally glance back at the screen to see what was going on.

A while later, we finish our drinks and start to make our way out. "Bye, ladies. Come back and see us again sometime! Smooches," says our friend as he gives us both a kiss. As soon as we hit the fresh air we can smell the overwhelming smoke in our hair: the tell-tale sign of an interesting night. We'll definitely be coming back to this bar.

The Cubby Hole has been hosting underwear nights every Monday and Wednesday for years now. Starting at 9 pm, anyone in skivvies is entitled to 2-4-1 drinks. Pants, however, are optional.

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Sara Ventiera