The Five Healthiest Fast-Food Options

​Face it, you can't always eat healthy.

Now don't argue. There are times when you can't hit up the specialty market to make the gourmet salad. Next option? McDonald's!

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But there are things you can eat to make sure you don't completely overload on lard. 

The problem is that your food's nutritional content isn't always provided. That's why "The Health Colonel" offered to help us out.

So here are what he says are the five healthiest fast-food options.

5. Nix the potatoes

"All french fries, onion rings, and tater tots are bad news." So if you're at Wendy's, get the fruit cup. Your stomach will thank you.

4. Go diet
"I go by the 'lesser of evils' principle. That means if you're going to go for the soft drink, take the diet." Keep in mind that this is a good option only if you're counting calories. If you're looking at sugar intake -- drink water.

3. Grill It
"If you're getting meat, it should be grilled chicken, which is the lowest in fat." That means that even if your grilled chicken comes on a white flour bun with extra mayo, it's still going to be better than having a burger patty topping it off.

2. Get the bacon bits on the side
Even salads, which seem like healthy options, have toppings that lower the nutritional value. They're the things that taste good, like cheese and bacon bits. "Your best bet is to get the extras on the side and minimize the impact if you can."

1. Listen to your body
If your stomach says "Hey, buddy, stop stuffing your face," listen to it. "I'll have overweight individuals come to my fitness classes that say they eat healthy. But they're eating too much. Your body will always tell you."

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