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The Four Most Preposterous Free Deals On Yelp's Check-Ins This Week

Yelp would be nowhere without its reviewers. And to reward the reviewers who so diligently generate their site's content day in and day out, Yelp is running a weeklong affair where Yelpers simply check-in to any of the 29 participating local businesses and are rewarded with a free prize for their effort. Boasting free mojitos at Dada and bread pudding at III Forks, the lineup seems pretty promising for the most part - but then there's the other part.

Now we get that businesses can't shell out their cherished commodities free of cost to any millennial off the street with a smartphone and a Yelp account -- there's a working business model they must adhere to after all. But, even though you're not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, we're going to anyway. Here's our round-up of the four most preposterous deals on Yelp's check-ins.

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4. One free scoop of gelato at D'Angelo Pizza Wine Bar

Take small bites, chew slowly, because our motto has always been one free scoop of gelato is always better than none. At least the offer at UdderSweets serves your free scoop of ice cream on a mini cone, which is infinitely cuter and less caloric than its regular-sized counterpart anyways.

3. Free dip of your choice at Chill Wine Lounge

With your choice of white bean, tomato and jalapeno, or baba ghanoush dip, it's a tough choice to make, so just eenie, meenie, minie moe it. The cheapest item on the menu after tap water, we only hope chips are included, and if not, that you at least wash your hands before diving in.

2. One free class at the East Boca Crossfit and USP Crossfit

Isn't it an accepted gym decree that the first class be on the house? Apparently not at these bulwarks of human fitness. But, hey, if its free, and your previous personal trainer was really just a treadmill on high or the joint smelled like sweaty jockstraps, at least you didn't have to pay for it like the schmuck next to you who wasn't lucky enough to get an iPhone last Christmas.

1. Five-minute makeover at Cloud 10 Blowdry

Extreme Makeover is our guilty pleasure, which is why we loved the idea of a makeup salon in Delray doing it all in under five minutes. So come in, set your stopwatch, and cross your fingers your hairdresser isn't half way across your forehead trimming your bangs when the alarm sounds off.

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