The Gentlemen's Starbucks Rant (Video)

Last month we told you the tale of the barista who was fired from Starbucks after writing a most excellent song about how it feels to serve caffeine to douchebags for a living.

Frankly, nothing he sang was shocking - I mean even Clean Plate Charlie knows he'll burn in a special coffee-roasting level of hell for all eternity because he spend thousands of dollars at Starbucks instead of donating money to help orphan puppies.

But, as with most things, the barista rant was one sided. It only spoke for the barista. What about the poor patrons of Starbucks?  We have to go through some terrible shit too. Remember the time you asked for a vanilla latte and got hazelnut instead?  Traumatic!  Or the time you actually received a drink with full-fat milk instead of skim?  Heinous!

Los Angeles-based JLE Productions released The Gentlemen's Starbucks Rant. Watch four men tell us why they hate Starbucks (in a most gentlemanly fashion) here:

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