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The Great American Bacon Race 5K at Vista View Park

In the past, in the interest of maintaining a little bit of decorum and/or a public persona, most people would've never openly professed their love for bacon. That was probably due to the fact that bacon had been mistreated in the kitchen. Gone are the days of the Greasy Spoon's wrinkly, too-burnt, oily offerings. Bacon underwent a renaissance and has now become a revered and artisanal food that is crafted with utmost care and available in different flavors, cuts and pairings.

People were finally free to sing their love for bacon from the hilltops! Even vegans and vegetarians got themselves a product that fit their dietary guidelines that subs for bacon because bacon is delicious!

Bacon has captured our hearts in such a way that it has become perfect for dipping in chocolates, garnishing bloody Mary's and now as an incentive to run or walk five miles.

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Not even this cheesy song can ruin the bacon goodness.

The Great American Bacon Race had its humble beginnings when Fearless Events decided to place a "bacon stand" (because that made sense) during one of their mud runs and the enthusiastic public reception made a bulb go off in their heads - ditch the mud, ditch the paint throwing - how about a fully bacon-themed run? And just like it does when it cooks in the morning, the bacon runs have attracted a large following.

Road racing events are some of the largest held in the US and as such have become excellent fundraising opportunities. There are color runs and mud runs, as well as obstacle course-styled races with zombies and cartoon characters. These are all fun but they've only managed to attract select pockets of the population.

With bacon as an incentive, fitness just got tastier, which doesn't make any sense if you pause to think about it but one yummy bite of bacon later and the organizers promise it will all become crystal clear.

There have been a few races already and this one promises to be the biggest one yet with even more bacon stations throughout the course, more bacon-related food vendors, maple bacon ice cream, a charity dunk tank and beer for 21 and over finalists.

This is a family event and a one mile run for the kids has a sign-up of $20, with group pricing for adults at $35 (teams of four and up) and $40 for individual racers. Participants will receive free bacon (reason enough to sing-up), a finishers' medal in marbled bacon stripes, a t-shirt and entry to the "Bacon Bash" festival area. This run benefits the anti-bullying organization National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE).

The bacon-fueled events begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, October 11 at Vista View Park, 4001 SW 142 AVE., Davie. Registration is required and packages range from $20 to $40. Call 954-357-8898 or visit

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