The Great Food Truck Race is Casting for Season Four

Attention south Florida food truckers -- or wannabes. If you dreamed of taking a truck coast to coast in a non-stop frenzy of challenges -- all for the chance to win $50,000, then you'll want to try out for season four of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, hosted by Tyler Florence.

Though the rules of the show have changed each season, the basic premise is that a team of one driver/chef and two staffers drive a food truck coast to coast, stopping at various cities along the way to sell their wares. The team with the most sales is declared the winner. There are, of course, roadblocks and detours encountered along the way. The last team standing is the winner.

In the past, the show has alternated between using real food truck

owners in their actual trucks and having the teams use made-up trucks.

The grand prize has also changed from $50,000 in the first season to

$100,000 in season two..to $50,000 and a food truck in season three.

We'll still take it gladly!

What hasn't changed is the host,

Tyler Florence..and the fact that the show is kind of a blast. Season

two's finale was filmed in Miami Beach and our sister blog Short Order had fun chasing down the trucks during that final weekend. 

If you want to audition for the show, send an email with your contact info, description of your

cuisine, and why you would like to be on the show to:

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