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The Grind Brings Coffee Back to Downtown Fort Lauderdale

While the news of Brew Urban Cafe closing its Himmarshee location last week has simmered down, a new caffeine spot, the Grind, has popped up on the scene.

Dry those tears, coffee friends: The Grind is here. Currently, this new coffee shop is serving as a mobile caffeine service on the patio of Stache, located at 109 SW Second Ave. in downtown Fort Lauderdale, just a block north of Brew's former location. Once Stache opens its doors, the Grind will move inside and set up shop.

Grind owner Yoni Martin and his barista crew want to ensure that Fort Lauderdale doesn't miss out on quality coffee.

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Yoni, 27, is serious about his coffee craft, having ten years in the business under his belt.

"I started out in coffee when I was 17 with a job in high school, and I've worked an apprenticeship at a roaster and later ran a small café chain in Milwaukee," he says.

He's been scoping out the right location to install his coffee company, the Grind, which started as a pop-up café in January of this year. You might have seen him catering at area events like indie craft bazaars, Miami art walk, and hot spots like Flagler Garden, C&I Studios, and the now-defunct Green Room. Over the summer, Martin formalized his "After Dark Menu" concept and began working with Green Room on a regular basis.

As the name suggests, this night menu incorporates liquor to jazz up the java juice in full creative force. Booze like bourbon mixed with maple syrup is sure to enliven the palate. And the night mocha consists of Nutella, kahlua, vanilla vodka, a splash of Amaretto, and a garnish of chocolate-coated bacon.

His daytime menu features traditional concoctions like double-espresso shots, cappuccinos, and iced lattes. Beans come from a variety of roasters, including his own Egg Head Coffee Roasters, Miami's Panther's Coffee, Portland's Stumptown, and Ithaca's Gimme! Coffee.

On a recent visit, Clean Plate Charlie sampled the maple syrup-infused iced-latte topped with house-made maple whipped cream. It sipped down like a smooth decadent beverage with hints of blueberry pancakes -- a creative recipe to say the least.

The Grind intends to keep things simple, though. Not familiar with coffee-sized speak like tall, grande, whatever? No problem. Drinks come in one size; however, the baristas will customize the drinks according to customers' requests.

When Stache completes construction, the Grind will set up shop inside and operate day and night. "Inside, we will have a lounge, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating for people to study, have a drink, and hang out," says Martin.

This concept of two businesses sharing space is rather new to South Florida, but it is a familiar business model in the Pacific Northwest, Chicago, NYC, and Atlanta. The Grind benefits from sharing space with Stache by using its liquor license, legally, and Stache benefits by having premier coffee available to its customer base.

"I'd like to see Fort Lauderdale have a better coffee scene," Martin says.

The Grind's current operating hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 109 SW Second Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Find out more via

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