The Herman Cain Cocktail, Hot-Ass Condiments, And Other Weekend Links

Called the 9-9-9, "Only a drink based on a catchphrase will suffice for a candidate so

vaguely unsettling and unsettlingly vague that he appeals primarily to

voters otherwise inclined toward the negative space on the ballot," writes Good's mixologist/writer Ken Walczak, who named the cocktail after Cain's taxation plan. "It's sweet and bubbly enough for those moments when you're feeling like a

frontrunner, yet boozy and bitter enough to fortify you for the letdown

that surely lies ahead."  Check it out here.

Though I usually attribute hot sauces with late summer, for some, it's a year round thing. Take a look at Robert Sietsema's ode to Frank's RedHot on Village Voice and how far Matt Gross will go to get a hot sauce.

Minimalist decor, deafening decibels, too much information from the server, here's a retired critic's assessment of how things have changed in restaurant dining rooms.

For more on the Thanksgiving front, check out these recipe debriefs from the excellent home cooks from Bitten Word.

And for last, visuals: Check out the food porn over on Endless Simmer's new Tumblr.

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