The Hot Brown Sandwich Tastes Great With Cigarettes

Author Peter Meehan and New York chef David Chang have unveiled issue two of McSweeney's Lucky Peach, the magazine of gems among which is a primer on miso varieties, scientific proof of the sweet spot, and recipes for one of the finest turkey leftover concoctions, The Hot Brown. 

First assembled at Louisville's Brown Hotel in the 1920's, the original sandwich layers turkey breast, bacon, slathered cheese sauce, and tomatoes on Texas toast. The magazine offers this recipe as well as versions from David Chang of Momofuku and Sean Brock of Charleston's Husk, complicated endeavors which involve tubes, sous vide machines and making consomme. Regardless of this sort of esoterica, if you keep abreast of the world of food and its players, the issue is worth a read. 

A less cerebral diversion in the issue is the page of 45 fruit stickers, riffs on those gummed on our Chiquita bananas. If only big agribusiness and the little guys would entertain us in their marketing, from the pages of Magic Hat Brewing, which includes cleverness under the caps.  After the jump, four more cheeky stickers to decorate your fruits. 
Lucky Peach is $12 an issue at Bob's News and Books in Fort Lauderdale or $28 for a  subscription.

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