The Ikea Frozen Yogurt Machine: Best Dollar You'll Ever Spend (Video)

We're moving to a newer, larger townhouse. Of course, lots of space means the need for more furniture. And that means spending Memorial Day at Ikea instead of the beach.

As you might imagine, the mega-store filled with Lacks and Malms and Vanligs was bustling with slightly confused families trying to figure out whether or not they'll be able to assemble that Klingsbo once they get it home.

After picking out the four items we needed (and filling the cart with about another dozen that we really didn't), we checked out. Just as we were about to exit from the din of the warehouse-sized furniture outlet into the sweet light of day, a line caught my eye. Was this for some bargain on "scratch and dent" lamps?

Nope. It was for frozen yogurt. Specifically, for the most awesome frozen yogurt machine ever.

A dollar buys you a token and a cone at the snack bar. Place the cone in a little white ring, a token in the coin slot and voila! Magic happens!

Well, it's not exactly magic. But the little blue machine takes your cone and, in one nanosecond, fills it with a perfect swirl of vanilla frozen yogurt.

Though I actually love Ikea, it's a bit nerve wracking. So, the next time you're at the blue-and-yellow store trying to decide whether you need the shower curtain with a water buffalo on it, buy yourself a frozen yogurt on the way out. For a buck, it's the treat that comes with a show:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.