The Lodge Gets Chocolate All Up in Your Beer

Here's one for your sweet tooth: The Lodge in Boca Raton is hosting a chocolate pairing this Saturday featuring Dove Chocolates.

It's OK, you can squeal like a schoolgirl now.

The tasting party (hosted by Chocolatier Marisa) will throw down enough sweet, chocolaty treats to choke Augustus Gloop. There will be chocolate smoothies, chocolate martinis, five-minute chocolate mousse, and -- of course -- straight-up chocolate. The Lodge will pair each of the sweets with a selection of specialty beers that go great with the dark stuff. This is on top of the Lodge's already expansive selection of brews.

Best of all, this party ain't expensive -- $15 a head gets you in to sample the goods and drink beers. It runs 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. RSVP via Facebook.


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