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The Milkman Is Back: Fresh Milk Delivery in Delray Beach

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Raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk is thick. It separates in the

container and has to be shaken like orange juice before you pour it over

your cereal. Unless what you want is heavy cream in your coffee -- in that case, just pour without shaking.

In fact, according to Svetlana Simon, half of the husband-and-wife team that runs Heritage Hen Farm, you can make nine products with raw milk in your very own home.

There's the milk itself: Let it separate for heavy cream, then skim it and use the bottom as part of fertilizer for your garden; shake the cream and get whipped cream; shake it more and get butter; let it clabber and make buttermilk; get some starter and make yogurt; let it curdle and get curds and whey. (Whey. Protein shakes. Hello!)

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