The Ten Coolest Back-to-School Lunch Boxes

No matter what the calendar says, summer is nearly over. Soon, kids all over Florida will be getting up early and turning their brains on for another year of FCATS, book reports, and school lunches.

Your kids feel as passionate about how lunch is carried to school as they do about the sandwich and apple inside the container.

Remember the envy when your best friend came to school toting a Star Wars lunch box and all you had was a paper sack? Don't let that shame and hurt happen to your precious offspring.

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Now that you get our point, we present the ten coolest lunch boxes for back to school.

Dump Truck ($9.99)
What better place for kids to store the baloney lunchables and Pixy Stix they traded your free-range turkey on sprouted bread for than in a dump truck?&

Lego ($17.29)
Shaped like our favorite plastic brick, the Lego lunch box is the perfect foundation for building a healthy lunch.

R2D2 ($14.99)
This helpful little droid keeps your lunch cool, beeps on command, lights up, and copilots your X-wing fighter. Because you never know when the Evil Empire might invade the second grade.

Bacon ($16.99)
What's the correct answer to any food-related math problem? Bacon! That's right, bacon fits into any equation, which makes the pork product and its replica lunch box not only delicious... but educational too.

Mother Superior ($9.94)
Worried about your child hanging with the wrong crowd in the playground? Play upon his worst fears while you still can with this Mother Superior lunch box. Every time little Timmy feels the urge to try a cigarette or ask little Sally to play doctor, he just needs to take a peek at this nun with a ruler giving him the stink eye. Because you're never too young to sin.

Campus Queen (Vintage - prices vary)
Does your daughter (or son) watch endless Toddlers and Tiaras marathons? Does a fun afternoon consist of practicing "runway walking" and "glitter application"? We say embrace your budding beauty with this vintage campus queen lunch box. It's just the right size to store go-go juice, false eyelashes, and a tiara.

Organ Donor ($19.99)
If your kid (or spouse) complains about lunch theft, this might be the solution. This handy little insulated container, marked "Human Organ for Transplant," will fool just about anyone into thinking there's nothing edible inside... unless you're lunching with zombies. In which case you'll want to go with the...

Zombie Survival Kit ($14.99)

knows that when the end of the world is nigh and the dead walk the Earth, you need to have a place to store your perishables. Zombies might

like fresh brains, but your kid still prefers a nice peanut butter


Ninja Lunch Box ($12.95)

the only thing that can stop a zombie? A ninja, of course! These

fighting forces come in handy when dealing with playground bullies,

school nurses, and girls who want to hold hands (yuck)! Nunchucks sold


My First Cocktail ($16.95)
Look, you can give your son or daughter the "talk" about drinking, but sooner or later, little Millie or Joey are going to come home from a party wasted. Why argue with your child when you can give in and be the coolest mom on the block? This "My First Cocktail" lunch box is sure to gain the admiration of all the other kids (and more than a few phone calls from the school principal).

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