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The Ultimate Hangover Menu: Rawsome Eats Chef Nina Kauder Tells Us How to Get Rid of a NYE Hangover

Is everything too loud this morning? If you partied so hard on New Year's Eve that your hair hurts, you need to act fast to ensure New Year's Day isn't spent shriveled in a ball on the couch. Clean Plate Charlie has been searching high and low this week to find as many tips and tricks as possible to help readers battle the dreaded hangover. (See links below.)

Raw food private chef Nina Kauder -- of Palm Beach County based Rawsome Eats -- has given us the nitty gritty details on the ultimate hangover menu, and why these foods are what the body craves. After the jump, find details on what you should consume from the start of the day to the finish, so that you'll feel back to 100 percent by the time the evening rolls around.

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