The Vegan Barbecue: Black Bean Burgers with Corn and Cilantro

In my early 20s, one of my best friends decided to go vegan. She had been vegetarian for years, but this next step ended up being a struggle at parties. At many a barbecue, her only option was the green salad. If there was cheese on top, forget it. She learned to bring her own dishes. From seeing her lack of options, I have always had a soft spot for catering to vegans.

With the uptick of vegetarianism and veganism  these days, you'd be hard-pressed to throw a party without one showing up. The best response is to

prepare some easy and cheap to make black bean burgers. 

For four burgers you will need: a can of black beans, one cooked ear of corn, some breadcrumbs, an onion, some cilantro, a bit of cumin, and whatever toppings you chose. Avocado, guacamole, hot sauce, spinach, lettuce, and salsa are all good options.

Vegan Crowd-Pleasing Black Bean Burgers

Step One: Strain and rinse the black beans. Mash them in a large bowl with the back of a fork or a potato masher.

Step Two: Remove the kernels of corn from the ear. Combine the kernels with the diced onion, chopped cilantro, breadcrumbs, and about a tablespoon of cumin. Mix the ingredients until they're evenly combined.

Step Three: Divide the mixture into four patties and carefully toss each one between your palms until they're firm. Refrigerate.

Step Four: Grill them over low heat or place on top of aluminum foil until they're browned. Watch out: These burgers burn easily. This should take about two minutes per side.

There it is, an easy and healthy vegan option for your barbecue. Who knows? You might eventually serve them as a main dish.

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