This Sunday: Craft Brewjas and Orlando's Tap and Grind Organize Reverse Tap Takeover at Funky Buddha and Due South

The usual tap takeover is when a brewery takes over all of the beer taps in a bar and calls it a day. A reverse tap take over is when South Florida's Craft Brewjas bring the masses to the taps.

And that's exactly what's happening this Sunday when Orlando's Tap and Grind and the Craft Brewjas do their thing by casually taking over a couple of bars. Except this time it's breweries and Funky Buddha and Due South breweries are next on the hit list. It's all in the name of supporting your local brewery.

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Tap and Grind will be organizing a caravan of craft beer lovers in Orlando to drive down Sunday morning and meet up with the Brewjas at Funky Buddha Brewery at 11:30. Driving at least three hours to go brewery hopping in South Florida? That's nothing short of hardcore.

After a few pints and snifters of Funky Buddha's finest, the crew will make its way north to Due South brewery in Boynton Beach to start all over again. Since you're in the area, you should join them too.

The whole point is to bum rush local breweries with an outpouring of local support. Think of it as a better way of saying "thank you" to your local craft brewery.

This may be the point at which Central and South Florida meet for a beer, at least the Craft Brewjas way, and it's only the beginning. At least four dozen people have confirmed they are going. The plan is to inundate each brewery with craft beer fiends. Are you game?

If you don't know already, both Funky Buddha and Due South offer tours of their breweries on Sundays. Funky Buddha's are $5 but include a free pint glass and Due South's tours free.

To commemorate the event, Tap and Grind will be making t-shirts available for $10 each. Carpooling and designated drivers are strongly suggested, as the distances between breweries is at least 25 miles. Are you stoked? You should be. More details can be found on the event's Facebook page.

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