This Week In Beer News: Godzilla Sues NOLA, Guinness Gets Soft, and Jim Koch Is Filthy Rich

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It's Wednesday morning and you know that means: This Week in Beer News. Skip the coffee, crack open a breakfast stout and wake the fuck up.

The craft beer industry is currently in beast mode. A billionaire has officially been made from it. And J. Wakefield Brewing killed it with their CrowdFunded operation, raising over $55,000 of the needed cash for its tasting room and equipment. Everywhere you go it's craft beer in your face.

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Guiness wants you to know that dignified drinkers drink Guinness.

Guinness Beer Is Changing Perceptions of Beer Ads

This commercial has been making rounds in the media recently. Departing from the usual college humor, TV beer advertisements took a new twist recently when Guinness aired a commercial showing a bunch of wheelchair-bound dudes playing a hard game of basketball. After it was all over, they all stood up, except for one and they all met up later for a pint of Guinness. Whatever the message could be, credit to Guinness for switching up the game. Brilliant!

Creator of Godzilla Sues NOLA Brewing Company for Copyright Infringement

Japanese entertainment company Toho is suing NOLA Brewing Company in New Orleans, who is accused of copying Godzilla's name and likeness for one of its beers, Mechahopzilla. NOLA Brewing president Kirk Coco says that his company has not yet been served court papers while Toho is claiming that NOLA ignored a cease and desist order. Just a little reminder that copyright infringement is serious business.

Growler Stations Come to Florida ABC Stores

Florida chain ABC Fine and Spirits is taking advantage of the state's craft beer industry by installing growler stations in the stores. Receiving the blessing from state beverage control officials, a Lake Mary ABC store was the first to install a growler station. After a test run, the company is planning to install five more locations, including Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale.

Sam Adams Brewer Jim Koch Is Filthy Rich

Jim Koch, founder of Boston Brewing Company, brewer of Sam Adams, officially became worth one billion dollars after the company's stock surpassed $225 per share on Monday morning. His company grew by 17 percent while the sales in the beer industry as a whole fell by two percent. He is quoted as saying, "Any normal person would much rather be happy than rich." Are you sad bro?

Craft Brewing Industry Lacks Diversity

NPR published a story yesterday that asks why craft brewing doesn't have more people of color. And that is a great question. Michael Ferguson of BJ's Brewing thinks that craft beer might not be much of a "catch phrase" among the African-American community. In the article, author Alaistar Bland writes that "Latinos...are scarce within the brewing community, too." We wonder if she ever considered South Florida, where craft brewing is particularly popular among Latin Americans.

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