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Beer Beer Beer

This Week in Beer News: Hello Kitty Has a Beer, Oktoberfests Abound, and There Is No Craft Beer Bubble

Hump Day is here, the savior has arrived and his name isn't Jesus. It's your weekly beer baptismal because you got to believe in something.

So bust out the sixer as a sacrament and start chugging away. Anybody who thinks you're crazy is obviously a non-believer. Remember, the greatest trick the Straighedgers ever pulled was convincing the world that beer didn't exist.

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Oktoberfest is Here

You heard right. Bust out the beer stein, don your lederhosen and start Schuhplattling the night away to the sound of thumping tubas. There is no designated days for Oktoberfest but it generally runs for at least two consecutive weeks at the end of September and beginning of October. It may be the biggest celebration of the year behind Christmas. There are parties everywhere, go find one:

Broward and Palm Beach Oktoberfest Round-Up: Beer, Wurst, and Lederhosen

SABMiller Is Making Beer With Cassava

Kudos to SABMiller for digging deep and getting to the roots of craft beer. Heavily cultivated in parts of Africa and being rich in carbohydrates, the cassava root is a major staple in developing regions. SABMiller saw an opportunity to help farmers by having them use cassava instead of barley, sending trucks out to purchase what they grew and using it to make beer in Africa. The move ended up providing income for 500 families.

Anheuser-Busch to Sell 5-percent Beer in Oklahoma

Anheuser-Busch became a little bit more popular in Oklahoma after the state finally allowed sales of Budweiser and other A-B with over 5 percent alcohol. Because of dispute between the Sooners and the company back in 1977, only A-B products with 3.2 percent or less alcohol have been sold in Oklahoma. Sales of 5 percent Budweiser, etc. begin November 1.

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